Return From Rysa ~ Angels and Aliens  Paperback Version

Return From Rysa ~ Angels and Aliens Paperback Version

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The following story is a parable based on actual events in the life of a boy named Conner. When most children were just learning to put sentences together, Conner, at age three, discovered that it was not the imaginary monsters under his bed he needed to fear but the real ones who entered his home. Conner sees spirits from the other side and beings from other worlds. Conner became a target for aliens, angels, and others with many unique gifts and abilities, all wanting what only he could give. Although his experiences are strange and unusual, he is not alone. He is one of many with similar experiences specifically selected for known and unknown purposes.

In a world shrouded with mystery, confusion, deception, and unanswered questions about the existence of beings from other worlds, there are a few like Conner who knows the truth. Those who have had similar experiences of seeing spirits from the other side, both disembodied, those who have yet to be born, the evil followers of the prince of darkness, AND having had personal experiences with beings from other worlds, have come to understand that because of the gift of choice, ALL are part of the Creators eternal plan.

It seems odd that when there have been millions of unexplained heavenly sightings of unknown or unexplained phenomenon in recorded history, including descriptions from Old Testament prophets like Ezekiel, astronauts, scientists, and others whose reputations are above reproach, that many, if not most, believe we are alone in the universe. Added to tens of millions of Christians and others who believe God has created worlds without number, placing His children upon them. “That by him, and through him, and of him, the worlds are and were created, and the inhabitants thereof are begotten sons and daughters of God.” D7C 76:24

We enjoy movies, tv shows, and books that talk about our celestial neighbors, but only through fiction. But what if there were a story the weaves it all together, a story that puts in context the purposes of alien beings from other worlds, of Heavenly messengers and enlightened beings from higher plains? What if a story began from the mouth of a babe that unravels the mystery, corrects the confusion, ends the deception, and answers the unanswered questions? We are not alone; we have a purpose, and the Creator has a plan for ALL his creations on worlds without number.

We hope you enjoy our Science Fiction parable as we tell the epic story of the Chosen Ones. Perhaps the telling will, in some small measure, prepare our minds to experience the utterly amazing events that may lie just over time’s horizon!