Meet the Author

    Phillip C. Wright


Phillip C. Wright is a resident of Saratoga Springs, Utah. He has been married to Shaun (McKinney) Wright since 1982. They are the parents of seven children and 14 grandchildren. Phill has worked professionally as a writer, director, and producer of documentaries, TV and Radio commercials, and infomercials. And, of course, he is the author of some pretty remarkable novels too!

Phill has done professional work behind the camera, in front of it, and on stage. He is a sought-after speaker who has given presentations to large audiences in different parts of the country, from politics to religion to out-of-this-world experiences.

His novels include;

• Not Without Mercy-The Black Death, a best-seller on Amazon, is the story of a family that survives the black plague in Bristol, England, in 1348

• Not Without Mercy The Passage Home, book two in the series

• RETURN FROM RYSA with co-author Richard A. Nelson, a cutting-edge new genre sci-fi-fantasy-fiction-religious-drama. It shot to number one in its category on Amazon within 48 hours of its release on December 30, 2021. Book one, Angels and Aliens, tells the story of a boy named Conner, who was first abducted by aliens at age four. But he is then visited by three little angels and other benevolent beings from other worlds who teach him that the creator of the universe is known to all worlds.

His non-fiction books include;

• MAN AGAINST MESSIAH-THE SANHEDRIN PLOT AGAINST JESUS, the "TRUE" story of the actual members of the Sanhedrin who participated in the illegal trial that condemned Jesus Christ to the cross. This book became an Amazon Best Seller in its first week and has been number one in the Christian Bible religious category.

Phills motto: "The Sun always shines, even behind the darkest clouds."

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