Not Without Mercy The Passage Home   [Book Two] (PAPERBACK )

Not Without Mercy The Passage Home [Book Two] (PAPERBACK )

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Not Without Mercy, The Passage Home is book two in the Not Without Mercy series.

I assume that you have already read book one, if not, put this book down and get a copy of book one and read it first!  There are too many characters and too much storyline to simply pick everything up in book two.

I truly enjoyed seeing William and Michael grow with the many experiences and difficulties that were forced upon them. Somehow, William kept his unwavering faith, even during some of the most perilous and challenging trials life could give. Yet, Michael being thrust into adulthood by taking on the responsibility of his family with the absence of William reacted much differently.  Although his challenges were different than those of William, as things got worse, his faith wavered and nearly crumbled under great pressure. But something remarkable happens to Michael in book two. And William and Jillian, kindred spirits, have such a strong spiritual connection that time and space cannot keep them apart. The Passage Home completes the journey of this remarkable family, as it reminds them that there is nothing more important than family.

For William, Jillian, Michael, and many others of the day, life was fragile; time was short, death surrounded them on every side. Yet even in the most terrifying moments, they knew that God had left them Not Without Mercy.


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