Man Against Messiah The Sanhedrin Plot Against Jesus  (AUDIO VERSION ONLY)

Man Against Messiah The Sanhedrin Plot Against Jesus (AUDIO VERSION ONLY)

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Man Against Messiah, The Sanhedrin Plot Against Jesus. 

In this book, I discuss the life and times of Jesus based on the Bible and the works of religious scholars, researchers, authors, and spiritual teachers. This book's focus is to show how he, through his teachings, caused the members of the Sanhedrin great concern, as his followers began to increase, much more than any other of the many “false” Messiahs who had come before him. Unlike most others, he was different; he did not encourage an uprising against the Romans who had conquered Jerusalem in 63 B.C. His threat was against the evil leaders of the Jews, the Sanhedrin, those he referred to when he spoke of the Scribes and Pharisees. He threatened their power over the Jews by questioning their lack of understanding of the scriptures, their pompous and prideful and phony pious that exalted them above others, often including the angels and prophets of old; his teachings of love, compassion and forgiveness, and his miracles of healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, feeding thousands with a few fishes and loaves of bread, and raising Lazarus from the dead, began turning the people toward Jesus and away from the Sanhedrin.

I recently acquired an 1886 English translation of the original French printing of Jesus Before the Sanhedrim (this was the spelling used in his English translation), written by a Jewish convert to Christianity, Augustin LéMann, and incorporated it into this publication to focus on the last days of Jesus.  Augustin LéMann’s book is now in the public domain. LéMann used sources including, The Talmud, the Tribunal of the Maccabees, the Greek text of the Gospels, by the historian Josephus, and in the rabbinical writings. I was particularly amazed at how most, but not all of these Sanhedrin judges in Israel, had no desire to find out if Jesus truly was the long-sought-after Messiah and Son of God, as he claimed.