AUTHOR Michael B. Rush, author of A Remnant Shall Return ( reviews Not Without Mercy The Black Death


Michael B. Rush: "I highly recommend Phill’s book, Not Without Mercy. First, it is a story of faith and family that takes place during one of the world’s darkest chapters – the Black Death. I believe that many of the challenges the Beorn family faced in this book will parallel the challenges our own families will endure in the coming days of trial. Secondly, Phill’s story is unique in that it is based on numerous dreams and visitations wherein the characters of his book appeared at his bedside and told them their stories firsthand. Phill later learned that these characters were his own family members who lived during the mid-1300s in Bristol, England. The story they told is very timely for our day and the desolating pestilence that has been foretold. Furthermore, this story demonstrates that the veil is thin and that the hearts of the fathers have turned towards the children. I believe in the administration of angels. Who would have a more vested interest in administering to us than our own family? Not Without Mercy is a wonderful testament that family bonds do not end in the grave." Michael B. Rush, author of A Remnant Shall Return


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